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                                                                                                    ****  LAYAWAY for 2015 ****

            Bluegrass Gardens Farm & Nursery is proud to again be able to bring you Layaway for 2015. Here are the terms.

Layaway Terms: $50.00 minimum order (excluding all sales taxes and S&H charges). 50% down with balance due before shipping date.

Spring shipment layaway cutoff date is March 15th.

Fall shipment layaway cutoff date is SEPTEMBER 1st.

We generally ship double fans unless otherwise noted. The plants you will receive will either be dug fresh from our beds or be  taken from our potted nursery stock. The field grown plants are generally a bit larger, but out potted stock although somewhat smaller  in fan size, has very mature root systems (sometimes even better than field grown) with many more feeder roots. All will have bloomed regardless of being grown in the ground or in pots so rest assured that what you get will thrive either way.

If a daylily is listed as Currently Unavailable it means that our supply has be exhausted for the season, but should be available again in a season or two.

If a daylily is listed as SOLD OUT it means that we have completely sold all of the stock and will not have it available again. We will however leave the pictures and the information on that specific daylily available for educational purposes.

Shipping Season:  We ship from April 15 until October 1,weather permitting.  We do not ship in June, July, and August, and after October 1st through April 14th.

Ordering:  $50.00 minimum required (Merchandise only, does not include shipping). Payments to be made with check or money order ONLY. Please allow 7-10 days for checks to clear bank. Please make all payments to Laura Burris. (Please note that we have several cultivars which are extremely limited in quantities, so please order early and email us as to availability.)

NOTICE: There will be a $50.00 fee charged for any check having insufficient funds. NO EXCEPTIONS!

KENTUCKY  RESIDENTS: Please add 6% Sales Tax.

Order Form: When filling out the order form,  please just fill in the information and print it out( Please include your email address),  then send it along with your full payment. Please email us with any concerns regarding ordering. 

Guarantee: We guarantee all plants to be healthy and true to name. We do NOT guarantee the plants after they have been planted as at that point all growing conditions are out of our control. If any plants are questionable at time of delivery, we must be contacted immediately to resolve the problem. We also do not give refunds or replacement plants for lost, stolen, or misdirected mail. Once we drop them off at the post office these things are out of our control. Although over the years we have only had a couple of incidents where packages were lost  in the mail (Out of thousands of packages) if you are worried about this I would suggest insuring.

Substitution: We reserve the right to substitute any varieties which are sold out at the buyers request. So please list a few substitution plants on your order form. If a substitution cannot be made a full refund for that portion of the order plus whatever S&H charges are attached to that part of the order will be made.

Bonus:  Bonus is growers choice. We will either give extra fans of some of the varieties you have ordered or if that is not possible another variety of our choice. Feel free to give us some suggestions. (Color, Form, Etc.).

Contact: Address:

  Bluegrass Gardens Farm & Nursery

  684 Crossland Rd.


                Phone:  (270) -227-0460  I have voicemail, so please leave us a quick message if I do not answer, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Please leave your name and contact number in your message.

                             Postage: All shipments will be Priority Mail. Shipping rates are $10.00 for the first double fan (This means either 2 single fans or a double fan depending on how it divides) and then just $1.00 per double after that, as long as they are all shipped in the same box at the same time and shipped to the same location. There had been some confusion for some reason as to S&H costs. I hope that explains it a little clearer.  

                                                       Domestic shipments only. We do NOT ship internationally

                   All  payments must be in U.S. dollars - checks must be drawn on a U.S. bank.









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