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            Below is an actual picture of some of our birds, and inspiration for our 2008  intro

             Guineas On Parade    Click on the Guineas pic below to go to the Guineas page.  


  Below are some of our furry and feathered family members from the past and present.. The little hand sized white baby goat in the middle is Gracie...She was one of 4 born in a litter. Her brother is the one in the 2 pics preceding her. The other 2 siblings died shortly after birth. Gracie was born handicapped and is not able to stand on her own but can support her weight and stand with assistance. She just has no balance. We are hoping this summer she will run like a champ in her harnessed cart.. She has touched all of our lives and resides inside with us just as a dog or cat would do. She is a very happy spoiled rotten pygmy. Once you meet her, you too will fall in love with her.