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                             So many people have came to me over the years wanting to know the correct to divide a mature clump of daylilies, 

                               so I thought I would take the time and explain it as simple as I can to make this as easy as possible. 

                             If after reading this page, and following the step by step procedures you still have questions, feel free to email 

                               us and we will do our best to answer any questions you might have. 

                             Best of luck from all of us here at Bluegrass Gardens.     

Select a nice sized, mature clump.

             With a shovel dig around it and lift it out of the ground.

   Now shake all of the excess dirt off of the clump, 

careful not to damage the plants




                       At this point, I like to trim back the foliage 

                                 to make it easier to handle.

I  find a natural dividing point in the clump between fans 

and take a SHARP knife and cut through it.  



                               Try to loosen the fans apart gently. 

                        I usually divide in double fans when I can.


Wash the new divisions with a water hose to check 

 the overall condition and to moisten the roots as well.




               Wow! Look at all of those nice plants you have now. 

                             The one on the top gets re-planted.

For potting we take our good blended potting mix and

  fill a 1 gallon pot half full and make a cone shape for the

roots to spread out on. This will help to get the roots

 headed in the right direction.



                  Next take your division and spread the roots out 

                                   over the cone of potting mix.

Fill the remainder of the pot with the potting mix 

to the point at which it was growing before. 

Water in well when complete and mark 

or label you newly potted daylily.



              For transplanting back into the ground, dig the proper 

              sized hole and make a cone of soil again for the roots

              to spread out on, add some bone meal, place the fan 

                   on the cone and spread the roots out over it.

Cover the roots to the correct depth and water in well, 

Mulch if desired and tag or label the plant correctly.


                    Hopefully in a few months your hard work will 

                        pay off with gorgeous  blooms like these!!


                                                                        Hope this helps you as to see how simple it is to divide your daylilies when they get a little on the large side.