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  Japanese Haskap 

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We got our first Haskap seedlings in 2009 from Maxine Thompson. Maxine  is the only U.S. breeder of True "Japanese Haskap".  Both Japanese Haskap and Russian honeyberries are in the Blue Honeysuckle family, but are two completely different sub-species. 

Canadian breeders are using the term "Haskap" very loose and this may, in the future pose a problem for growers and gardeners alike trying to distinguish between the two. Rest assured that Haskap berries produced here at Bluegrass Gardens Farm & Nursery are of the best Japanese plant material and breeding lines anywhere in North America.

 In the future we will be offering true Japanese Haskap Hybrids that Maxine has selected for propagation to sell to the general public here in the U.S.  We feel these hybrids will be better suited for the more temperate climates in the U.S. than the Canadian varieties being produced now. These plants will be tested thoroughly before released and will be far superior plants than what has been offered in the past that have been labeled as  Honeyberries..

 There has been alot of excitement generated of the prospects of a new fruit like this entering the U.S. market, and we feel as though these Haskap will be everything people will be wanting to fill the early season void currently in the market today.

 I have contacted many individuals who are interested in the berries themselves, as well as a whole network of people who have been following Haskap breeding, that are chomping at the bit to grow plants. There will be a very high demand for these far superior hybrids, and Maxine is working tirelessly to make selections that can be mass propagated in the future. 

 We want to make sure though that the ones chosen will be far superior in every way...from berry size and quality of fruit, to the hardiness and disease resistance that will allow them to be grown almost anywhere in the U.S.

 I'm already testing many of these hybrids here in Ky without any issues from cold or heat or disease.. Many of these plants are showing excellent qualities already, and with the fertilizer that I am using, we can get substantially larger plants a lot quicker than other growers.. If you followed my Blueberry growth rates then you can imagine how fast these Haskap plants will grow. 

 We are going to get many more trial seedlings this fall, that Maxine is testing now.. We should have a very diverse group of seedlings to grow out and hybridize with to help Maxine further her program.

 I'll be adding more info and pics as time allows...Stay tuned....