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Click on the bag of Florikan fertilizer below to go to the label for the 16-4-9 Total Blend that I use on our Blueberry plants. Or click on the Florikan Logo below to go to Florikan's homepage and see what they can help you become successful growing blueberries as well as many other fruits, flowers, trees, lawns, and anything else you want to see perform to it's maximum potential. If it grows, Florikan has a product that will fit your needs.  




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Blueberry plants 2 weeks after planting in April 2009


Same plants on June 9th 2009. Some decent growth and even a few berries.

One of the plants showing all the new growth coming up.

Same plants on July 25th 2009. Plants are really putting on new growth. Had already been

pruned back at least once here.

Bluecrop plant on August 14th 2009. Been pruned twice by now. Showing incredible growth

and lots of new branching from the prunings.

Below is a comparison shot of the plants I fertilized with Florikan in the background, and plants

from another vendor in the foreground that I had just got, when these pics were shot. He used

another fertilizer.

Here is a cutting I did  in April 2009. This pic was taken on Sept. 6th 2009. The pot is 3

gallon size to give you some scale.

Another cutting pic. Same timeline.

Here is a pic of the planting in fall of 2009.Love that fiery foliage. Had no idea they would look like this in the fall.

Here are some pics of mid winter in the field. This is probably the best series of pics to show growth against the white background.






This pic shows that there is no tip burn or die off due to the rapid growth. Look at those buds.

Just took this pic yesterday on April 17th 2010. All the plants have now gone full cycle and

showed amazing growth and no tip burn, lots of flowers, and already showing good vegetative growth.

Another pic showing growth.April 17th, 2010.

Remember those cutting pics above I made last year, here is one of them now on April 17th, 2010. Not bad for a cutting that

is 1 year old or less. Several blooms too.

Here is the rest of the group of cuttings I did from the same time frame. 3 and 4 gallon pots.

Here is another pic just taken on April 17th, 2010 showing a really accurate comparison of plants I grew using Florikan

fertilizer and the plants that I got from another vendor late last fall using another fertilizer.. What a huge difference.

I hope this once and for all proves that with good cultural practices such as correct ph, lots of water, and the right fertilizer

program, that amazing growth results can be achieved.