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Click on the bag of Florikan fertilizer below to go to the label for the 16-4-9 Total Blend that I use on our Blueberry plants. Or click on the Florikan Logo below to go to Florikan's homepage and see what they can help you become successful growing blueberries as well as many other fruits, flowers, trees, lawns, and anything else you want to see perform to it's maximum potential. If it grows, Florikan has a product that will fit your needs.  


 In 2009, we decided to expand our daylily farm to now include 3.5 acres of  Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, and Japanese Haskap. We received our first plants in April of 2009. The 13 varieties of Northern Highbush Blueberry plants immediately went into 3 gallon pots where we potted them with a combination of 80% peat moss and 20% pine nuggets which we ran through a shredder. The Blackberry and Raspberry plants went into 1 gallon pots with a good potting mix. 

   We fertilized with Florikan 16-4-9 Nutricote which is a controlled 2 stage 180 day release fertilizer. I will go into more detail about fertilizing Blueberry plants as well as Blackberry and Raspberry plants on their respective pages and go into what has worked for us so far.

    We received the Japanese Haskap plants in late fall of 2009 and potted them into 1 and 2 gallon pots where they wintered over and were planted in the spring of 2010.

    We expect to have some good picking of Blueberries this year and should have a huge crop of Blackberries with Raspberries having a large crop as well. Our opening time and picking hours are yet to be determined but as the fruits ripen we will post an opening date.

     Adding the berries to our farm we feel will help bring another enjoyable family experience to our farm just as the daylilies have done for over 10 years. The berries will usually be fruiting at about the same time our daylilies are in bloom so there will be lots of things going on to excite all of your senses.

     Don't forget to stop buy and pet all of our little pygmy goats and miniature donkeys to as they are spoiled rotten and love the extra attention. We look forward to seeing         you in the 2011 season.                       

   Here is a pre plant photo of the field we decided to plant the Blueberry, Blackberry, and Raspberry plants in.




Same field later in the summer with the 4 varieties of Blackberry and 2 varieties of Raspberry plants growing. I was amazed at the growth in such a short time.




And here is the other end of the same field in November showing a section of the 20 rows of the 13 varieties of Highbush Blueberry plants. Look at that fiery foliage.